Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management (CIDM) Book - 2009
The Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management book 2009 are based on deliberations of various experts participating in various FICCI disaster management conferences, which are very useful for making the Chemical Industries safe and secure from any kind of disastrous chemical incidences. It's a compilation of the deliberations and presentations which were presented during those conferences. This book will help to aware the industries, regulatory bodies, stakeholders and persons who are actively involved in the management of chemical industries and thus create a secure and better environment. This book encompasses the collection of important case studies, risk assessment, capacity building initiatives, On-site & offsite Emergency Planning Hazardous waste management, medical preparedness for chemical disasters, safe transportation of hazardous chemicals and elucidations on safety and security pipelines, storages, maritime transportation of dangerous goods as well as safe handling of Hazchem at ports and many more. It's an interesting book to read and gain knowledge on disaster risk reduction for industries.

Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management (CIDM) - 2010
The theme of Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management book 2010 is on striving towards zero tolerance. This book supplements the first book in the series in comprehensively addressing and troubleshooting glairing issues of chemical disaster management besides strengthening offsite responder's network in districts and states by simultaneously organizing mock drills. This issue covers a wide spectrum of topics stating from basic issues of risk management to issues associated with medical emergency and mass causality management due to industrial chemical events.

Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management (CIDM) - 2011
CIDM 2011 is third in the series which further supplements the first and second book and addresses several issues of chemical disaster management and strengthens off-site responder's network in districts and states through training programs like mock drills by National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India. It covers a wide spectrum of topics stating from basic issues of risk assessment to issues associated with medical emergency and mass causality management due to adverse effects of a chemical industrial disaster events. The book also provides updated knowledge on the policies and planning of disaster management in the nation. It's a book worth reading.

Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management (CIDM) - 2012
CIDM 2012 is the fourth book in a series and focuses on case studies. This book also spotlight on safety audit for industries and covers a wide number of issues related to regulatory framework, disaster risk assessment and reduction strategies, pipelines: transportation, petroleum products and natural gas, medical preparedness and mass causality management, safe storages containerization and warehousing at ports and case studies. This book provides an update of the sustained efforts in conceptualization and implementation of advanced mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of disastrous events in the country. This publication can help industries to get more knowledge about disaster risk reduction from various case study experiences and hence foster research on safety.